Troop 'F' of the Maine State Police based in Houlton, responded to 126 calls for service in the past week. Here's a look at activity posted in their weekly log:

Maine State Police

July 4 – Trooper Endre and Recruit Adams were called to the Port of Entry in Houlton where U.S Customs were detaining an individual who had warrants out of New Jersey for Intimidation. After the RCC contacted the New Jersey agency and made sure that New Jersey would extradite the individual; Tr. Endre and Recruit Adams arrested the male subject for being a Fugitive of Justice and transported him to the ACJ.

July 5 – Tr. Endre responded to Hodgdon for two juveniles that were throwing firecrackers against another man’s house. The two juveniles were found only a few houses away, and admitted to playing with firecrackers. The two juveniles were given a trespass warning and turned over to their parents.

July 5 – Tr. Levesque is investigating a shoplifting complaint from the IGA in Mars Hill. An associate was reviewing security video footage and detected the theft.

July 5 – Tr. Pescitelli was monitoring traffic on Route 1 when he observed a vehicle that had equipment defect traveling north in Littleton. Tr. Pescitelli conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. When Tr. Pescitelli ran the operator’s license it was discovered to be suspended. Assisted by Tr. Endre and Recruit Adams it was also discovered that one of the other occupants in the vehicle had a warrant for their arrest. The driver was summonsed for Operating After Suspension and the passenger was arrested and transported to Aroostook County Jail.

July 6 – Tr. Bell and Recruit Kilcollins investigated a fraud case in New Limerick. A husband called to report that his wife and daughter left the state and drained $80,000 out of an online account. A wire transfer document was allegedly filled out with incorrect information. The case appears somewhat civil in nature due to all accounts being joint accounts; however the husband was given resources for other agencies that investigate this type of fraud.

July 6 – Tr. Curtin investigated an assault complaint in Frenchville. Two neighbors began to argue over firecrackers being set off by one of them. At one point, after taunting from both sides, one neighbor went over to the other's property. The argument escalated into one of the men being struck in the face. Both male parties alleged that the other was the instigator in the physical confrontation. Each side had witnesses that claimed to support their version of story that had been given by their friend. The incident was forwarded to the DA’s office for review, and no charges were approved.

July 7 – Tr. Saucier began an investigation into a bad check complaint in Mount Chase. A local business contacted Tr. Saucier and requested his assistance.

July 7 – Tr. Saucier investigated a possible probation violation in Crystal. An individual reported that a husband and wife were together at their home, which would have been a violation of the male subject’s probation. The investigation revealed that the woman was not home and that the male subject was allowed to be there when she was not. There was no violation.

July 7 – Tr. Casavant responded to Blaine for the report of an intoxicated male subject walking down the road in his underwear. Tr. Casavant checked the area, but was not able to locate the individual.

July 8 – Cpl. Quint investigated a trespassing complaint in Littleton. The man making the complaint stated he is renting the property and knows the home owner does not want people fishing in the stream that runs through the property. The man stated he confronted the two fisherman and they threatened him. Cpl. Quint spoke with the two fisherman and they stated they had fished there for over 40 years and have the landowners permission. This was also confirmed with the landowner. The complainant stated he also felt threatened because the man reached behind him to pull what he suspected was a weapon but never observed anything. There were no weapons involved in this incident. The complainant recorded the incident so he could post it to YouTube.

July 8 – Tr. Saucier responded to Oakfield for an individual that was reported to be intoxicated and appeared confused. Tr. Saucier located the subject and after interviewing him, administered field sobriety tests. The male subject stated he was headed from Augusta to Eastport and was attempting to purchase liquor. The subject performed poorly on the tests and was arrested for Operating Under the Influence and Operating After Suspension. He was transported to the Aroostook County Jail.

July 8 – Tr. Sylvia arrested a Houlton man on a warrant. The subject had been sought by Troopers in recent days following an aggravated assault complaint that Troopers were investigating. The subject called the Barracks and wanted to turn himself in because he knew that Troopers were looking for him.

July 8 – Tr. Sylvia arrested a male subject for violation of a protection order in Bancroft. A Game Warden had located a man and woman living in a remote camp on 7/7. It was learned later on that there was a protection order between the two people, with the female being the protected party. Tr. Sylvia returned with the warden service and arrested the subject for being in violation of the protection order.

July 8 – Cpl. Quint arrested a Lewiston woman for OUI after she drove her vehicle off the road in Bancroft. The woman stated she was on her way to the jail in Houlton to post bail for her boyfriend whom was arrested earlier the same day by Tr. Sylvia for violating a protective order. The woman also had a suspended Maine driver’s license.

July 8 – Tr. Saucier investigated a possible violation of bail in Staceyville. The Penobscot County District Attorney’s Office forwarded information to Tr. Saucier that a male subject had possibly been at a residence in Staceyville which he was prohibited from being at. Tr. Saucier investigated the complaint, but found that no violation had occurred. The complainant was not cooperative.

July 8 – Tr. Luce and Recruit Desrosier arrested a woman for OUI after she wrecked her vehicle on the Cottage Road in Portage. The woman went off the road and left the scene. Tr. Luce and Recruit Desrosier located the woman at her boyfriend’s residence a few houses from where she crashed.

July 9 – Tr. Luce arrested a woman for OUI after she wrecked her car on the Sly Brook Road in Wallagrass. The woman went off the road into some trees and told Tr. Luce she was trying to avoid a moose. After an investigation Tr. Luce arrested the woman for OUI.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.