When you think of the state of Maine, you can't help but think of lobster. However, because of warming water, we're seeing our crustaceans heading north toward Canada.

If lobsters didn't dig cold water so much, then it wouldn't be much of a problem. Unfortunately, the waters in southern Maine are increasing in warmth which is causing them to head north.

This is causing a big problem to the lobster industry in Maine. Some of the crews that are trapping lobster today are descendants of lobster trappers of old. According to a 2013 study, lobsters seem to be traveling north at the rate of 43 miles per decade, beginning in 1963.

Scientists say that the waters in the Gulf of Maine are warming 99-percent more than the rest of the waters in the world and it doesn't look like they'll be cooling anytime soon.

So, enjoy the lobster while you still can. Before long, we may be eating Canada Lobster, instead of Maine Lobster in the near future. Let's hope not.