Rian Johnson has wrapped production on the next Star Wars installment, but according to Lupita Nyong’o, who is set to reprise the role of Maz Kanata, her scenes haven’t been shot yet.

Principal production on Episode 8 wrapped way back in July, but when Nyong’o spoke to Collider at TIFF she revealed that she hadn’t worked with Johnson yet. “I've yet to shoot,” she said. “That’s in my future.”

She doesn’t sound too worried about it, so it may just be a scheduling issue. Since Maz is a CG character, the majority of Nyong’o’s performance is motion-capture and most of what she needs to film is dialogue, as her fight scenes can be created digitally.

If you don’t recall Maz Kanata from The Force Awakens, she’s the diminutive orange proprietor of the castle that Han, Rey, and Finn visit, and who, for some reason, possesses Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber. A lot of her scenes were reportedly cut from the movie, so there’s probably a lot more to her than initially meets the eye. And since she’s in Episode 8, we can be sure that she’ll have a larger role to play in the next two films, although just what that role will be is still a mystery.

Star Wars: Episode 8 isn’t slated to come out until December 15, 2017, but you can see Lupita Nyong’o very soon in her new film Queen of Katwe, which just premiered at TIFF and hits theaters September 30.