Lupe Fiasco is known for making music that makes us think, and now he's back at it with "Made In The USA" produced by Streetrunner.

Out the gate, "Made In The USA" goes hard— machines guns sound off as Lupe asks,"Where you from n----?"

Lupe gives us a history and geography lesson on what it really means to be "Made In The USA."

"My glock came from Smyrna, Georgia/My F-15 from California/My cocaine came from Arizona/But it's made in the USA," he spits.

The song is timely, we have a president-elect that wants to build a wall to keep foreigners out because he believes they are a danger to America. Lupe reminds us that a lot of our own troubles are homegrown.

"Ku Klux man from Indiana (F--- them n---s)/Brought that s--- from Alabama/Making it rain, give 'em Atlanta/Making it, making it rain, rain like New Orleans, Louisiana (Yeah!)/That gang s--- came from Illinois/That bang s--- came from Illinois/That murder rate in Illinois/'Nother AR-15 that bitch that made in Illinois," he raps.

The track is for the trap kings and for the college students at the Black Student Union meetings. It's for the misinformed and the ignorant. It's hood music and good music... and it was Made In The USA.

Listen to the track below.


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