It's no secret that LeBron James is huge hip-hop fan. James put his knowledge of the game and Jay Z lyrics on display last night during a post game interview when he quoted Hov while answering questions from the press.

Last night (May 21), the Cleveland Cavaliers took their first loss of the 2016 NBA Playoffs, falling 84-99 to the rebounding Toronto Raptors.

It seems like every game James gets fouled hard on multiple occasions. During the post game presser, James was asked why he never retaliates when he gets a cheap shot or takes hard fouls from players on the opposing team. His response was priceless and perfectly timed. "If I shoot you, I'm brainless. But if you shoot me, you're famous," LeBron said. That, or course, is the opening line from Jigga's 1998 song "Streets Is Watching."

And it makes total sense for James to be able to harness his anger and not start throwing punches when the on-court beef pops off. He is clearly the most valuable player on the team. Him getting kicked out of a game for servicing the fade of some bench rider for the opposing team would only play into the other team's hands. And there is nothing an opposing team wants more than LBJ not being able to play and lead his team to victory.

Props to James for being self-aware and even more props for the slick placement of classic Shawn Carter rhyme.

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