Kelly Rowland is currently starring on BET's new talent show "Chasing Destiny" and bringing her bubbly spirit back to television. Over the years we've seen Kelly grow from a record shattering Destiny's Child star to a solo songstress who's now diligently trying to develop the next superstar girl group.

Now multitalented and all grown up, we'd love to kick it with Kelly.

Here are 10 things we love about Kelly Rowland.

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    She controls her image.

    Despite being in the spotlight Kelly Rowland's kept her image free of embarrassing snafus and silly beefs, a feat especially rare for someone in the cutthroat music biz.

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    She's honest.

    On her single "Dirty Laundry" Kelly honestly admitted to, at one time, being jealous of Beyonce.

    "When my sister was on stage, killing it like a motherf---er, I was in rage, feeling it like a motherf---er," wrote Kelly. "Bird in a cage, you'd never know what I was dealing with. Went our separate ways but I was happy she was killin' it."

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    She's besties with Beyonce.

    Speaking of Beyonce, Kelly's been best friends with the singer since their Girls Tyme days in the 90s. Their close friendship is best friends goals, for sure.

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    She's open about her nips and tucks.

    Kelly previously told the world that she had breast augmentation at 28 after a 10-year wait. According to the songstress, she waited at the advice of Tina Knowles and her own mother--who told her to take her time and make a sound decision.

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    She makes motherhood look amazing.

    After giving birth to her son Titan Jewell in 2014, Kelly's been actively showing off her precious baby boy. Little Titan is the apple of Kelly's eye and is already sharing magazine spreads with his mommy when he's not playing with his bestie, Ciara's son Future Zahir.

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    She's making moves on "Empire".

    Kelly Rowland made her debut last year as Lucious Lyon's mother and perfected the part of the mentally deranged matriarch, bringing an exciting new aspect to the show.

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    She and her husband are #RelationshipGoals.

    Kelly's been known to keep her personal life private, but in May 2014 she couldn't contain the news that she wed her longtime love, Tim Weatherspoon. The couple is now openly sharing their sweet love story with fans on social media.

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    She embraces her skin.

    Kelly has opened up regarding the affect of colorism on her self image. She previously told that she didn't always embrace her dark skin, but Tina Knowles helped her.

    "I remember I went through a period where I didn't embrace my 'chocolatiness.' I don't know if that's a word, but I didn't embrace my chocolate lifestyle. Just being a chocolate, lovely brown skin girl and being proud of that,"said Kelly.

    "I remember Tina Knowles, Bey's mom, and I being out in the sun and I was trying to shield myself from the sun and she said, 'Are you crazy?' She said, 'You are absolutely gorgeous' and she just told me how beautiful I was and how rare chocolate is and how gorgeous the skin is, all of this stuff. And I was just like, 'Yeah!' Like a light went off.

    She's now releasing a cosmetics line for dark skinned women.

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    Her post baby body is inspiring.

    After having Titan Jewell in 2014 Kelly went hard in the gym working alongside celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins to get back her figure. The hard work's clearly paid off.

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    She gave us Destiny's Child.

    Kelly was an integral part in the success of Destiny's Child, one of the biggest girl groups of all time and it gave a soundtrack to millions.

    While group members changed, Kelly remained steadfast by her sister Beyonce and continued to pump out hits like "Bills, Bills, Bills" "Say My Name" and "Survivor."

    What's not to love about that?