Kanye West's Saint Pablo tour is still in its early stages, and considering Yeezy's penchant for innovation, fans are sure to be seeing at least a few things they've never seen before. However, the most spectacular part of Kanye's new tour might actually be backstage.

According to TMZ, Yeezy has two alcoholic slushie machines waiting for him backstage. One of them dispenses frozen Hennessy and Coke. That one is for Kanye. The other slushie machine is filled with frozen lemonade and Grey Goose. That one's for Kanye's wifey, Kim Kardashian West. Kim posted a picture of the miracle creations on her Snapchat the other day.

In related news, Kanye has started casting models for his upcoming Yeezy Season 4 collection, and in a shocking development, he's only casting multiracial women. While Kanye hasn't offered an explanation for why he's made this decision, folks on Twitter have already responded. As should have been expected, there've been a pretty wide spectcrum of reactions.

Some people think Kanye is only accepting multiracial women because he wants to promote diversity. Some think it's just a clever way to exclude black women. Others think Kanye is being a racist against white women. Kanye has never been one to hold his tongue, so we're sure he'll speak on the matter if/when reporters eventually ask him about his decision.

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