Frank Ocean damn near broke the Internet in back-to-back days after putting out his Endless visual album on Friday (Aug. 19), then turning around and dropping Blond (formerly known as Boys Don't Cry) last night (Aug. 20). He also released an accompanying zine for the project which has been given away for free at pop-up shops in the U.S. and London. The full-color, 366-page mini-mag features essays, illustrations and photography from the singer and various contributors including Kanye West who wrote a song about McDonald's.

Now, you would think if Kanye West were to write a hymn about a restaurant it would be some swanky five-star spot. But here's Yeezy penning lyrics about the good old Golden Arches.

The piece is titled The McDonald's Man and it goes a little something like this. "McDonalds man, McDonalds man/The fries had a plan, the fries had a plan/The salad bar and the ketchup made band/Cus the french fries had a plan, the french fries had a plan."

BARS! And that's just the chorus. West continues on, having penned a whole song about Micky D's. In the zine, the lyrics to the song are printed on one of the fast food chain's order intercoms.

After holding out on fans, this has really been Frank's weekend. Yesterday, the Odd Future crooner also dropped the NSFW video for the intro track from Blond titled "Nikes." A$AP Rocky and Trina make cameos in the surreal eye-catching clip.

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