Kanye West is the subject of a Halloween story created by the good folks at Montreality. Just in time for the ghoulish holiday, the mercurial rapper stars in the animated short film called “Kanye’s Laboratory.”

In the clip, Yeezy has a nightmare about Future winning all of the golden gramophones at the Grammy Awards. So he purchases one dreadlock from Future’s head to create the ultimate rapping monster. The rapper-producer uses the follicle and in his laboratory he designs his biggest creation -- Desiigner! He then takes the “Panda” rhymer and signs him to his G.O.O.D. Music label, much to Future’s chagrin.

Of course, this video is for laughs and we don’t believe there was any malicious intent on Montreality’s part.

However, we must say that Desiigner’s has proven that he’s not a clone of Future and continues to shine lyrically on his own. But we will hold our critical opinions of him until we hear his official debut album, Life of Desiigner. There’s still no word on when he’s going to drop the project.

In the meantime, check out the spooky Kanye video above.

Happy Halloween!