"A true friend always has your back....even if it's covered in feathers."

This week's Just Looking Around photographer is Lovena West of Mars Hill, Maine.

Lovena snapped this salt-and-pepper plumaged pair in parallel synchronicity of pose, making for an irresistible framing opportunity for a photographer always at the ready.

Lovena West photo/Just Looking Around Facebook

Just Looking Around founder Lovena West says a Meet & Greet Picnic is scheduled for Saturday, August 20th, at 11:00 am at Mantle Lake in Presque Isle.

Just Looking Around administrator Gerald Saccucci of Fort Fairfield took this shot at Mantle Lake while checking over the park this week.

Gerald Saccucci photo/Just Looking Around Facebook

West says it will be a pot luck and a grill will be provided. Members can bring their families and enjoy a meal, door prizes, as well as conversation with fellow photographers and lovers of the natural world.