An Italian restaurant in Albuquerque, N.M., is giving people a belly ache over their “Black Olives Matter” t-shirts. The tee clearly is a play on words of the Black Lives Matter movement, which is dedicated to ending police violence against black people.

As KOAT News reports, folks are outraged over the tees and feel the eatery is making fun of the movement and racial tensions in America. However, the owner of Paisano’s, Rick Camuglia, maintains that he is only trying to promote his restaurant’s tuna dish with a black olive tapenade. (Insert major side-eye here.)

Camellia says people from all over the world have contacted him and given their support on t-shirts. "It's gone so viral. We've gotten calls from Australia, Spain, France, you name it," he said.

But the tees have also garnered mixed reactions on social media as well. Some are saying that the shirts are insensitive while others feel people are getting upset over nothing.

"The Black Olives Matter shirts are a clear example of how many are apathetic & don't support equality for [Black People]," tweeted one person, while another commented, "I'm African American, but I would still rock that Black Olives Matter shirt. Give that Restaurant a break yall, Italian Food is bomb."

Despite the controversy, Camuglia said business is booming. "People have filled the restaurant and told us to leave up the sign," he said. "That's great, you know, because a lot of people make a living off working for this restaurant."

What do you think? Are the "Black Olives Matter" offensive or nah? Tell us in the comments below.

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