Jeremy Nixon, a 27-year old rapper by the name of Boss Status Duke, was found dead inside a Riverdale, Ill. home that doubled as a recording studio, ABC 7 Chicago reports. Nixon had been reported missing on Nov. 17, a day after he had visited the home studio where a shooting had taken place. Those who lived in the home say Nixon was taken away at gunpoint by two unknown assailants, and now his father Jonathan Armstrong is questioning if and how his body was missed by police.

“This took place 19 days ago and the detective told me they retrieved gun shot casings. They’ve been here, took statements from everyone that was here. How could you not find a body there?” Armstrong said.

Illinois State Police were called in to help and are investigating whether or not the body was in the Riverdale home all along. "All the information we had is that he was not inside the home and somebody had gone in to survey the property," Former Riverdale mayor Deyon Dean said. "To find he was there is very shocking to many of us."

The medical examiner has ruled the death a homicide, with Armstrong saying the body was found with a gunshot wound to the back. "I had a bad feeling about it," Armstrong said. "Why would Jeremy's car be parked in front of the house and Jeremy is nowhere to be seen? He's got kids. He's got his own place. None of it added up, it made no sense. Where would he be?"

Watch the ABC 7 broadcast report above, with Boss Status' "Do Ya Thing" video included below.

The Current Status of Every Murdered Rapper’s Case

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