Pot is now legal in Maine, so it's just a matter of time before I find myself in an awkward social situation involving The Mary Jane. I don't smoke the stuff myself, but I know some of my friends will step out of the shadows and light up. I have questions- because the last time I was really around pot was approximately 1987.  Is there still such a thing as a nickel bag? Are joints still called bones? Will the "Ass, Gas or Grass" bumper sticker make a comeback? Do you still "bogart" a "doobie"? It's been awhile and I'm out of touch with the lingo. I did a little research to brush up and I want share it with those of you who may also need a refresher.

Pot has more nicknames than Puff Daddy. Here is a manageable introduction to get you started:

bammer, blunt, bomb, boo-yah, buddha, burger, cheeba, chino, choke, chronic, cigga-weed, dank, ditch weed, doba, drat, dutchie, fatty boom blatty, ganja, giggle stick, hippie lettuce, hooter, j, jib, keef, kind bud, la la, Mr. J, nib, nugget, paca loco, reefer, regie, shake, shwag, spliff, sticky icky

Honestly, the new slang sounds stupid to me. I think I would snort chardonnay out my nose if one of my friends offered to share their "Sticky Icky" with me. Uh, no thanks...

The entertainment industry is cashing in on the new industry blossoming from pot legalization. MTV has a show about 2 pot-delivery roommates Monday nights at 10. Check out Mary+Jane.