Our listeners and readers were recently asked where they thought the best place in the County was to get the best maple syrup on Maine Maple Sunday. The votes are in!

One of the great events to look forward to in the great North East is Maine Maple Sunday, which happens on the fourth Sunday in March every year.

Recently, we conducted an unscientific poll for you to vote on your favorite place to buy maple syrup in Aroostook County, Maine. You have spoken and here are the results!

According to the poll numbers, six hundred and eighty-three of you voted in our recent questionnaire, "Where's the Best place to get Maple Syrup in the County."

  1. Spring Break Maple & Honey - This was your number one pick, but not by much. Just over 39-percent of voters said that this was their favorite place to buy maple syrup. What started out as a hobby in 1998, has now become our voter's favorite maple syrup store, located in Smyrna Mills, Maine.
  2. Northwoods Nectar, LLC - These folks came in very close but came in second with about 34-percent of voters saying they loved this place. Established in 2013 in Eagle Lake, Maine they offer 'Taffy in the Snow' tours and have a variety of maple syrup products.
  3. Bradbury Maple Farms - Located in Bridgewater, Maine these guys came in third with about 14-percent of the votes. The have all kinds of maple syrup based products like maple butter, maple syrup, maple candy and more.

These are the top three favorite places to buy maple syrup, at least according to our listening audience. The next time you're looking to buy local syrup, stop by one of these locations and support your local businesses in the County!