The United States of America is 240 years old. You want to celebrate. But you want and need to do it safely and with consideration. The Maine State Government has provided links on regulation and use of fireworks in the state so that you will know this Fourth of July where you stand legally. 

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The State of Maine wants to make clear that illegal use will not be tolerated.

Under Chapter 416, "An Act to Legalize the Sale, Use, and Possession of Fireworks" the following products are illegal to sell, use, or possess in Maine.

  1. Missile Type Rockets. A device similar to a sky rocket in size, composition, and effect that uses fins rather than a stick for guidance and stability.  Missiles shall not contain more than 20 grams of total chemical composition.
  2. Helicopters and Aerial Spinners. A tube containing more than 20 grams of chemical composition, with a propeller blade attached.  Upon ignition the rapidly spinning device rises into the air.  A visible or audible effect may be produced at or near the height of flight.
  3. Sky Rockets and Bottle Rockets. Cylindrical tube containing not more than 20 grams of chemical composition as prescribed under section 3.7 and Table 4.3-1 of the American Pyrotechnics Association Standard 87-1 with a wooden stick attached for guidance and stability.  Rockets rise into the air upon ignition.  A burst of color and/or sound may be produced at or near the height of flight.

Sky lanterns are illegal to use, buy, sell or possess in Maine: Fact Sheet (PDF, 1 page, 51 KB)

Illegal Explosive Devices from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

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Enjoy your holiday and remember, if you are unsure where you stand with regard to fireworks you plan to use, check the links above.