Although it's very convenient, using your debit card in some places these days can be more dangerous than using cash. There are places where you shouldn't use them.

There are still those old fashioned people in Maine who don't want to spend more than what they make and they hate debt. Many of these same people don't like to carry cash either. So, they use their debit card to stay within their budget and lower the risk of losing cash.

However, that is not necessarily the safest way to keep more of your money. The scammers are smart and they are finding new ways to take your money without you knowing who they are.

Here are 5 places where you should no longer use a debit card to retrieve cash and to pay for certain items and services. Take heed and beware!


  • 1

    Online Purchases

    You can use your debit card as a credit card in order to receive the same protections that are offered by a credit card. If there is ever a problem with your purchase, you'll be glad you set up this feature.

  • 2

    Paying At The Pump

  • 3

    Store Purchases

    Data breaches are happening at different grocery store outlets. You might remember the massive breach that happened with Target shoppers a few years ago. Many lost money because they used their debit card instead of purchasing as credit.

  • 4

    Independent ATM Machines

    Believe it or not, if you are using an ATM machine, you could be hacked by a scammer while simply using their cellphone. The hackers are crafty enough to get millions of dollars out of ATM machines.

  • 5

    Automatic Bill Payments