A 72-year-old man Grand Falls man passed away early Tuesday, a little over 48 hours after being struck by a motor vehicle on the Tobique Road in Grand Falls.

The accident occurred shortly after 8:30 Saturday night, not far from the Undine Road intersection. Grand Falls Police said the man was attempting to cross the road to his home when he was struck by an SUV.

Police Chief Rosaire Leclerc said that according to testimony, the driver saw the man in the middle of the road at the last moment. She braked and attempted a right turn to avoid a collision, but failed.  The victim was rushed to Grand Falls General Hospital with severe head injuries. Acadie Nouvelle reports the man passed away in the early hours on Tuesday.

Police stated that the low lighting in the spot where the accident happened could partly explain the tragedy. Residents say there are also no sidewalks in that area.