'90s pop princess Britney Spears is teasing a brand new album and she's using Oakland rapper G-Eazy to do it. Brit and G-Eazy drop the new track "Make Me" today (July 15) and it serves as the official single off Spears’ upcoming ninth solo LP due out later this year. While Spears boasts breathy vocals, G-Eazy's rhymes about his dream girl tie the whole track together.

"I don't care if it's a random person or the biggest star/Out in Vegas or little bars/Really not a difference if it's near or far/Listen, here we are/I need you, I've always wondered what was off limits/Staring at you 'til I'm caught in this/Back and forth like this was all tennis/I'm all jealous/You came with someone, but we could tell that there's changes coming/See, I could tell you're a dangerous woman/That means you're speaking my language, come on" raps Eazy over the slow, ballad-like beat.

Spears has been teasing this track on social media for weeks and judging from this shot from her Instagram back in June, the two artists have already shot the music video to go with the song. Expect that soon.

G-Eazy is in good company with pop royalty, just another one of the Bay Area's accomplishment's this year. It was recently announced that G-Eazy has not one but two platinum-selling songs to his name, "I Mean It" featuring Remo, "Me, Myself & I" featuring Bebe Rexha. Eazy is currently on tour with Logic, Yo Gotti and YG. Check out his verse on Britney Spear's new single via Apple Music below.

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