French Montana may be a high-profile rapper but he goes through the same troubles as regular folks. Case in point: The Bronx-based rhymer was stopped by police while leaving a strip club in New York.

Early Wednesday morning (Sept. 28), Frenchy and his friends were being chauffeured in a SUV and leaving Aces in Queens, N.Y., when cops stopped his vehicle for reasons that are unclear. The Coke Boy leader, obviously frustrated with being harassed by police, started filming the incident while throwing verbal barbs at the officers.

In the Instagram video, you can hear Montana laughing and telling his followers, "I get pulled over too, black lives matter. I ain't do nothing, black lives matter, brother." In the caption, Montana wrote, "F--- THE POLICE only a few good ones left man," with the hashtag #afterclubvibes.

When officers asked the driver if they are familiar with another car, Montana suggested that it could probably be the "Hip-hop police." For those that don't know, the hip-hop police are alleged crime unit that tracks famous rappers in New York.

But it looks like Montana was left unscathed in the incident. The "Lockjaw" rapper later posted videos of him blessing strippers with wads of cash. He also posted a clip, reminding his followers that for him, family and integrity are the most important things in his life.

French Montana wasn't the only rapper that had a run-in with police during a traffic stop. Earlier this month, Desiigner was arrested after a road rage incident for drugs and weapon possession. Prosecutors subsequently dropped the gun charge and the drugs found were steroids that belong to the driver.