If your entire world has been upended as you wait with bated breath for Frank Ocean's Boys Don't Cry to drop, no worries—Shahzeb Kahn got you.

Fact reporters that Kahn, a developer, has create a site called (650)82OCEAN, which will alert fans of exactly when the elusive singer's album is actually released. Specifically, the site says, "We'll send you a text when the album drops fam."

After a ton of false starts, cryptic "livestreams," and broken Internet promises, this site aims to provide hope to the weary. It automatically checks Spotify, iTunes and Twitter for Frank Ocean news and sends everyone subscribed a text message with the album link as soon as it’s live. To get the info, you have to subscribe using your phone number or email address, which Kahn says will be held in a "secure database" and you can stop receiving texts at any time by texting "stop".

Obviously, the frenzy for Frank's album has reached a fever-pitch. Just yesterday, Frank fans went as far as to threaten to kidnap his little brother as ransom in exchange for the album. They were probably-maybe joking—but still, folks are clearly losing it. Time recently reported that November 13 could be the new release date for the album. But if it's that serious for you, maybe you should sign up at Kahn's website, just in case.

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