Clearly, Frank Ocean fulfilling his contractual obligation with Def Jam is a huge upside, considering he wanted to be an independent artist. The downside, however, is that he and his team will have to secure a distribution deal for the Blonde album, which they're trying to do now.

Upon its release, the project was only available via Apple Music, then Ocean signed a deal with Spotify after that three week agreement ended. Currently, the album isn't on other sites like Google Music, Amazon or Tidal, and whether they will be remains to be seen.

Billboard reports that the critically acclaimed singer is looking for a company that can handle both the physical and digital distribution of Blonde, so it could be made more available to people around the globe.

Perhaps not surprisingly, there's been no talk or indication of where Ocean will take the new album, however, there's a chance that it could wind up on BMG.

"BMG is in discussion on a regular basis with a variety of artists, producers and management teams about working together," said a rep for the company. "When we have news to share, we'll be sure to be in touch."

So far, Blonde has sold 292,000 albums since it's exclusive Apple Music release on August 19. In addition, it was streamed 82,000 times, which Billboard says equates to 374,000 "album consumption units."

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