Last week, Nicki Minaj showed love to her idol Lauryn Hill at the the Tidal X: 1015 concert. A video of the Queen Barbz bowing down to L-Boogie went viral and squashed the nagging criticism that Minaj doesn’t appreciate veteran female rappers who came before her.

Rap vet Foxy Brown, who is one of Minaj’s many influences, praised the Queens rhymer for giving props to Ms. Hill. However, she sent a message to the haters who have been criticizing Minaj for not paying respect to other female rappers.

"I Laugh When They Say She Never Gives It Up To The "GREATS" Cuz She's Humbly Bowed To Both #LBOOGIE (My Fav) & #FOXBOOGIE Publicly!," Foxy wrote on her Instagram page. "Maybe Y'all Mad Bitches Just Aren't Who She Considers "The Bar" (FB Lingo lol) *FYI: Nic Knows I'd Never Thro My "WO" On No Collabo Wit Less Than Greatness Tho!"

Some have suggested that the last sentence was a direct shade to her rap foe Lil Kim, who has an ongoing beef with Minaj. Foxy and Kim's feud dates all the way back to 1995. Both have released diss tracks slamming each other in the past.

Meanwhile, Foxy posted a video of her ex-boyfriend Kurupt still professing his love for the Ill Na Na. She then threw shade at Daz Dillinger for low-key hating. Check out the IG post below.

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