We have many farmers in Northern Maine and Western New Brunswick and sometimes 'pests' may come in other forms besides bugs and critters.

One farmer figured out a way how to discourage Emma Thompson and her Greenpeace protesters, who decided to set up camp on his land. It seems they didn't like what they were using the land for and thought they would make their voices heard as a stance against him.

Most farmers are gentlemen and, no doubt would politely ask people to remove themselves from their private land. But, if they decide they don't want to do that, there are "other methods" on how to get them to move.

One farmer figured out a way to do that. He mixed manure (poop) and water into a pull-behind water buffalo and sprayed the protesters with it.

So, if you or someone you know have squatters and protesters, won't get off of your property, you could take action the way this farmer did. Of course, we make no promises what the repercussions will be.