Slim Shady has just become the latest rapper to do a really good deed this summer. On Monday (Aug. 22), Eminem posted a call to donate school supplies to students in the impoverished Flint, Michigan community.

"Continuing to keep Flint in mind. 90% of the kids in their public school system live in poverty -- give us a hand getting all 5,500 students a backpack full of supplies," reads Em's Instagram caption. The "Lose Yourself" rapper then directed fans to a link to the donation site. You can give the site look for yourself here.

In somewhat related news, a Reddit user by the name of Doogywassa was also feeling very generous. Recently, the unsung hero created a Wakelet filled with over 150 of Eminem's unreleased songs, guest verses and freestyles. Doogywassa outlined his quasi-mission statement for uploading the collection in the Wakelet's description.

"Eminem is one of the most accomplished and decorated artists of all time, helping to propel hip-hop into pop culture whilst simultaneously trying to destroy pop culture," Doogywassa's description reads. "I've put this page together to collect every bit of significant Eminem content, from his guest verses, to music videos and diss tracks, and everything in between. Interviews and live performances coming soon! Let the auto-play run, and enjoy!"

You can check out the collection here. Keep it locked with XXL for more updates on rappers making a difference and all o their new (or unreleased) music. Peace.

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