Second graders at the Pine Street School in Presque Isle got a special treat from a special visitor.

Presque Isle Elks

Recently, Elroy the Elk,from the Presque Isle Elks, as well as his Elk brothers, Moe Collins, Gregory Daniels, Alan Harding and Tom Cook, hosted a pizza party for the second grade students of SAD #1 at the Pine Street School.  This was a reward for the one hundred percent participation by the second-grade students in the Elks’ Drug Awareness coloring contest.

Elroy the Elk had first visited with the Pine Street School second graders to provide them with Drug Awareness materials.  In addition to the coloring contest sheets, which had been customized with the Pine Street School logo, the second graders received coloring books, colors, pencils, rulers, book marks, and the Elks’ Drug Awareness red ribbons, declaring the students’ intentions to remain drug free.

Entries from the Pine Street School were selected to be forwarded to the Northern District of the Maine Elks Association for consideration for submission to the state-wide Drug Awareness coloring contest.

While the pizza party had initially been pledged as the prize for the classrooms which produced a winning entry, the level of effort exhibited by all of the students warranted a pizza party for all five classrooms, according to Alan Harding, Drug Awareness chairman for the Presque Isle Lodge.  In addition to four large pizzas per classroom, every student received individual servings of juice and ice cream.   Every classroom also received its own Drug Awareness soccer ball for use in future classroom activities.

Presque Isle Elks

According to Loretta Clark, principal of Pine Street School, “Elroy the Elk is very popular with the second-grade students.  The Drug Awareness materials provided by the Elks address at an appropriate age a growing problem in the community.  The pizza party was such a huge hit with both the students and teachers that  everyone is looking forward to repeating these events for students in future years.”

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