The rumors (or facts depending on your Views) of Drake using ghostwriters is examined once again, this time from a dated photo the rapper left on his Instagram page in 2014.

Fans alerted DJ Akademiks of Drake's possible boo-boo and wanted to share it with us. In a 2014 IG post, Drizzy posted a photo which features him showing support for Future’s Monster mixtape. The picture features Drake’s iTunes player and the Monster track list with the first song listed as "1daQ Noel Ref 1" and "6PM In New York Noel Ref 3."

Fans have surmised that 1da likely refers to Boi-1da, Q to Quentin Miller and Noel to Drake's engineer Noel Cadastre.

DJ Akademiks suggests that Drake may have inadvertently revealed that he was using reference tracks a full year before Meek Mill exposed him, which erupted into their infamous rap feud.

This bit of news comes after Funkmaster Flex's rant on Hot 97 over the weekend. The legendary DJ said that he doesn't considered Drake a Top 5 lyricist because he uses ghostwriters. “If you have help on your music and on your bars to compete for that top 5 movement, that is an issue to me,” he said. “Yes, he writes, but there’s a couple key things he didn’t, and that’s just the way it is.”

Drake scoffed at Flex's accusations and basically called him a relic at Hot 97. "Shout out to the real DJs that know about the real music and s--- like that," he told a crowd at an after party. "Shout out to New York City. It’s love, you already know. My name is Drake. I’m here to f--- with you tonight. F--- the rest of that bulls---."

We posted Drake's original photo down below for evidence.