As we've seen in the past, there are some artists who could give a damn about fans' time when it comes to their concerts. Drake is not one of those artists. The Canadian MC reportedly came up out of his pocket with 13 grand after he went over the venue time limit during a show in Dallas, Texas to make up for showing up late.

Drizzy and Future's Summer Sixteen tour rolled into the DFW on Thursday (July 21) with a show at the American Airlines Center. But the duo arrived late and were clearly slated to go past the allotted time limit of midnight. Going over the time limit meant they would get a $6,500 fine for every 15 minutes past midnight that the show continued, according to TMZ.

However, the threat of a several grand coming out of his pocket was of no consequence to Aubrey. "What you wanna go like a hour 15?," he asked the frenzied crowd. "You wanna go like a hour 30? You trying to go for the two piece? I'm trying to go for the two piece too. So if it cost me money, Dallas Texas it's on me. Trust me let's go."

Drake ended up going a full 35 minutes after the clock struck 12 leading to the $13,000 charge. But loosing 13 racks to Drizzy is well worth giving the fans an unforgettable experience.

The tour continues tonight with a show in Kansas City, Mo. Check out the rest of the dates, here.

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