The Aroostook Riders ATV Club is reminding residents that the Town of Houlton recently purchased over a hundred trail marker signs designating Access Areas for riders. These signs serve as both geographical and road safety markers and are important aspects of the trail experience. Each sign also costs municipal money. 

The Riders ATV Club purchased additional signs so that Access Area signage would be complete through Littleton and Monticello. Each one of these signs represents an investment in manpower volunteer hours and fundraising work, and each serves an important practical purpose. Shooting up a sign may seem like fun for some, but it damages that investment.

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Though this is just a few holes, every damaged sign is an expense for the town or for the club.

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Someone also recently stole bridge boards from the Trestle Bridge in Monticello. This can endanger riders and causes new repair expenses.

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Riding trails is one of the great joys of outdoor life in Aroostook County. The Aroostook Riders ATV Club says it's important to keep that fun safe, respectful and observant of all the hard work that goes into the trail systems.

Enjoying a great fire with Star City ATV Club at Arnold Brook Lake (Aroostook Riders ATV Club/Facebook)

The Aroostook Riders ATV Club is a family-oriented club promoting fun and safe ATV riding in Northern Maine and made up of enthusiasts from all over Aroostook County. Each member is also a member of ATV Maine, which supports recreation statewide.

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The next  Aroostook Riders ATV Club meeting will be Aug 2-6pm at their new lean-to in Littleton, on the trail across from the Littleton Cemetery. Everyone is welcome and new member sign-ups are encouraged.