Those dastardly dandelions! You know, the ones you keep running over with the lawn mower? Well, now there are other things to do with them besides kill them.

If you're not about using chemicals, like weed killer, on your lawn, no problem. You can rest easy knowing that there are other alternatives to dealing with dandelions in the County, rather than killing them.

We did a quick study and found that there are many other uses for the yellow-headed leaf creatures that pop up on your lawn every spring in Maine.

Here are 5 ideas that you may want to try with your dandelions. If you think of anything else, let us know.


  • 1

    Herbal Liqueur

    Folks will make liquor out of almost anything these days. However, we did find a handy recipe if you ever want to try your hand at a dandelion herbal liqueur. Healing properties lie where you'd least suspect it.

  • 2

    Healthy Oils

    There are many people who are using oils to help cure all kinds of ailments these days. You can even extract oils out of dandelions for various health reasons.

  • 3

    Dandelion Fertilizer Tea

  • 4

    Dandelion Greens/ Dip

  • 5

    Dandelion Decorations

    The ideas for dandelion decor are endless. You can check for a lot of ideas on how to use dandelions for decorations in your yard or around the home.