All three major candidates for President still owe Portland police for overtime costs, but Donald Trump's bill is by far the largest.

Several sources have reported that the Republican nominee owes the PPD more than $1,500 in overtime pay for officers that worked his rally at the Westin Harborview Hotel in March.

The Clinton Campaign owes $262 for an event at King Middle School, and the Sanders campaign still owes $771 for a rally at the State Theatre.

According to News 8 WMTW, City spokeswoman Jessica Grondin said that they don't expect Trump will pay his bill. She said the campaigns typically say it was the Secret Service that requested extra security, and ignore the invoices.

Donald Trump is coming back to Portland on Thursday for a "town hall event" at Merrill Auditorium, but it is still unclear if he will actually take questions from members of the audience.