Donald Glover is having a hell of a run. With his FX series Atlanta earning favorable reviews for its first season, it's safe to say that he has cemented himself as a true double-threat in both the music and acting world. Besides have a fruitful career, his personal life just got even better.

According to Us Weekly, he and his girlfriend, who has yet to be identified, just had their first child together. What's even more interesting is that Glover didn't make any announcements pertaining to his girlfriend's once-pending pregnancy nor the birth of his new-born child. While the name and gender of the baby remains unknown, you have to honor the man for wanting to keep his family life private.

Earlier in the year, we did get several clues that Donald and his girlfriend were expecting their first child when pictures of their time in Hawaii circulated over the web. Then, his girl had a baby bump, which fueled speculation about him becoming a dad. In addition, while they were out in NYC several months later, the two were spotted walking with a stroller.

Fortunately for Donald, he mastered the ability to keep his personal life under the rug, because oftentimes, many stars have struggled with trying to remain private and under the radar. Congrats to him and his girlfriend on their first child together.

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