It looks like Chris Brown won't have to go to court for gun charges any time soon. According to law enforcement sources, the gun case that was leveled against him several weeks ago has now been all but discontinued due to a lack of evidence, reports TMZ.

As you might remember, a woman named Baylee Curran accused C. Breezy of threatening her with a gun before asking her to leave his house party back in August. Breezy was arrested and released on $250,000 bond on Aug. 30, and his attorney Mark Geragos claimed that her accusations against Breezy were "demonstrably false." Geragos went on to say that the LAPD found neither guns nor the piece of jewelry Curran described in her police report.

TMZ reports that although police did find two firearms in a duffel bag Breezy apparently threw from his window, they haven't yet been able to pin a gun to him. Curran's credibility is also in question. About a month ago, TMZ reported that they'd obtained text messages that saw Curran plan to set Breezy up, and her quick interview spree isn't playing well with authorities. For his part, Breezy accused Curran of trying to set him up in an interview just a few days later. The claim has never been proven true or untrue.

In any case, none of that really matters any more. It doesn't appear that Breezy is going to be facing any real trouble as this episode concludes. He's moved on, releasing new music like a recent Bryson Tiller collab "Keep You in Mind."

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