It was just an ordinary interview backstage at the VMAs for Chicago emcee, Chance the Rapper. That is, until Beyoncé decided to drop in, hugging the rapper from behind and interrupting his interview for a brief second before carrying on.

Of course, that moment pretty much killed the interview.

"Oh my God, that was awesome," Chance yells before running over to greet her. The two exchange a hug and short convo before Chance finally returns to the interviewer.

"This my life!" he yells, and then runs off again.

Although it's not the first time Chance has met Beyoncé (he posted a picture of the two them together back in June), obviously he's really excited whenever he runs into her, even if she does distract him from his interview.

When he's not getting super excited about encounters with Beyoncé, he's prepping for his Magnificent Coloring Day Festival, which is coming up on September 24 and will feature everyone from Alicia Keys to 2 Chainz. The mini music festival will be held at Cellular Field on the city’s south side.

Watch the moment above, and Chance's reaction. Check out his post in June with Bey below.

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