Chance The Rapper is really getting that promo money! Kit Kat debuted their new Halloween commercial featuring Chance The Rapper on Twitter today (Oct. 4). In the 30-second spot, the rapper is dressed in a fuzzy bear costume and shopping for candy with his little cub and angel lady. As the three are about to exit, a singing Kit Kat wrapper with Chance's face on it catches his attention. Chance then sings a soft, piano-assisted rendition of the memorable 1986 song, which obviously compels Chance to grab a bar for himself.

Just yesterday the classic candy tweeted out that the Chicago MC had helped remix their jingle for a special Halloween edition. This is only the second time the company has let an American artist remix the jingle since it was introduced in '86. The last time it was remixed was in 2004 by rocker Andrew W.K.

Chano's list of big name endorsement deals has been growing exponentially this year. This Kit Kat placement is the second ad campaign that Chancellor will be a part of this fall. The former XXL Freshman already landed a gig as a model in H&M’s advertisements for their upcoming Black Friday collab with luxury brand Kenzo.

The Coloring Book rapper has been on an impressive run this year since dropped his anticipated third mixtape in April. He's sold out his inaugural Magnificent Coloring Day Festival in Chicago, bringing out his mentor Kanye West as a special guest. He's also been performing on national TV shows like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Ellen all season. And he's not done yet. Chance is set to perform at Alicia Key's 2016 Black Ball and President Obama's White House Christmas Celebration.

Check out Chance's short and sweet Kit Kat commercial above.

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