When you're halfway through the work week and you're tired of looking at the cubicle wall or hauling snow, it's a good time to take a break and look at the lighter side of Maine.

Mainers, or "Maine-ah's", tend to work hard and play hard so it's probable you'll be able to relate to these memes that highlight some of the fun we enjoy here.

Yeah, they is!

The way we spend time with the kiddos!

Some play Dodge Ball, we play Dodge Potholes! Have you ever played?

Games people play - Snow Blower Derby! Join a team today - LOL!

Maybe not the last meme, but definitely THIS one! Know what I mean?

Yes, it's early, but did you enjoy some St. Patrick's Lobstah? Some Mainers did!

Ever happened to you or someone you know? Be honest :)