Senior dogs are often passed over for young puppies. Older dogs, whose only fault is having lived a long and full life, have so much love left to give. Sophie is a large lab mix dog, 11-years young, who can't wait to snuggle up next to you for the holidays and beyond. via Old Dog New Digs

Sophie is located at Old Dog New Digs in Brunswick who says, "She loves going outside, but also loves her cozy time on the couch. She is very smart and knows a lot of commands." via Old Dog New Digs

All dogs have their personality quirks, and Sophie has hers, too. Sophie should go to a home who knows how to handle her food guarding. Old Dog New Digs says, "She can be protective of her food, so she should go to a home where the animals can be separated for meal times."

"She is such a special girl, and the type who will melt your heart when you meet her."