According to some consumer reports, Ruby Tuesday, like other food chains, seems to be desperate for customers. They hope to do that with this big change.

After reporting on their third-quarter financial results, showing an almost 17-percent drop in total revenue, the chain is entertaining either a merger or a sale of the company, as they review "all strategic alternatives."

According to a former interim president and CEO Lane Cardwell, there are challenges to their casual dining but was encouraged with the third-quarter sales considering the atmosphere of the competition.

The company is now zeroing in on their salad bar choices and hope that will bring in a more loyal customer base. Ruby Tuesday is calling it their 'Garden Bar' and thinks that the product will be hard for the competition to copy.

The Garden Bar touts more than a dozen new fruit and vegetable choices, moving from 36 ingredients to 55 at all locations and 8 new, in-house salad dressings, plus cheese and toppings too.

If you order this as a side, it's no longer free, but affordable. A buck forty-nine will get you the Garden Bar salad as a side.

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