We're doing The Stephen King Thing. Check out the his best cameos in these video clips & gifs. At the bottom of the page, go to the Best Stephen King Tattoos.

Stephen King in all his cameo glory. Enjoy and be scared.

King made a guest appearance on the hit TV show, Sons of Anarchy:

Stephen had some good lines in his 1992 film, Sleepwalkers:

Our favorite author tops off his coffee at the diner in Under The Dome:

Stephen King delivering pizza in Rose Red, 2002:

This scene from The TV mini-series, The Langoliers, 1995, was filmed at the Bangor International Airport (That's Bronson Pinchot):

Frasier had King on the phone looking for advice:

There are more out there - but we found a lot of them. Please comment at the bottom of the page if you find additional video or gifs. Here's the list of roles King's played.

Below, we have a bunch of King gifs that you're gonna love!

  • Stephen King Cameo Gifs

    The Scenes We All Love
  • King on the Simpsons I

    Book Signing in Springfield
  • King on the Simpsons II

    Working on a Benjamin Franklin Bio
  • King on the Simpsons III

    King Fandom

    Marge is not Impressed. She's not from Maine.

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  • King on the Simpsons IV

    Will Do
  • George Romero Cameo


    King is listed as Hoagie Man and Tabitha King (Right) is named Hoagie Man's wife in the movie cast list.

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  • Creepshow

    The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill
  • Maximum Overdrive

    He Will Scare You
  • Pet Semetary

    Father Stephen King

    The King of Horror gives the eulogy (Filmed at Mount Hope Cemetery, Bangor)

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