Azealia Banks said she was quitting social media "for good" on Aug. 4. Unsurprisingly, she's back, and now she's selling a bunch of personal belongings on the Internet.

The rapper is getting rid of a bunch of items through a Depop account. "One day I woke up and decided I wanted to change," she wrote on Facebook. "I took a look around at my surroundings and realized that similar to my emotional tendencies , I was holding on to so many things that I had no use for. Clothes I could no longer fit, pieces of unfinished business ideas, etc. with that said I want to welcome you all into my mind and onto my depop page."

Her Depop account, under the username CHEAPYKUNT, features tons of shoes and strange accessories, including chokers, old bras and a penis candle.

All of this comes after Banks was supposedly quitting Facebook and other social media. On Aug. 1, she wrote on Facebook, “I’m seriously tired of peoples feelings. I’m tired of seeing their overly sensitive reactions and responses to everything. I’m tired of having everything I say or do be monitored and I’m tired of being told how I should be behaving. I’m quitting Facebook, and any other form of social media that allows me to engage with people. My legacy can’t live and die on the Internet. Goodbye. For good.”

Aside from that, Azealia was in the news on July 20 for saying she doesn’t think President Obama is helping the Black community. She has also publicly stated she’s voting for Donald Trump, because in her view, he’s “the only one who truly has the balls to bust up big business.”

The 25-year-old MC also recently admitted that she bleaches her skin, and said she “did it to assimilate.” This is the same chick who repeatedly used the homophobic slur ‘faggot’ throughout her career. But she also has stated in her music that she gets romantic with ladies. Hmm.

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