Amber Rose is pretty open about her sexuality. In addition to her regular "slut walks," her willingness to talk about sex and sexuality is a pretty common occurrence on her VH1 talk show, The Amber Rose Show.

During a recent interview with rapper Ty Dolla Sign, Rose admitted that she's stopped counting the number of her sexual partners. The discussion came up when she asked Ty if a woman's "number" turned him off.

"Probably when I was, like 18," he said, before adding that he doesn't even ask about it anymore. "It's kind of corny – it doesn't matter."

Amber suggested that at her age, thinking about a number for her sexual partners is kind of silly.

'I'm 32-years-old – I've been around the block a few times," she confessed. "I'm not going to sit there and count. Especially all the times I said he could put the head in, then take it out, does that count? Because I used to be so good for that, I was the queen of that."

Amber's show has been nothing if not entertaining since it began airing in early July.


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