One of our favorite places to grab a coffee and a donut is none-other than Dunkin Donuts. The County has plenty, but there are some facts that you should know.

Dunkin Donuts, nationally, helps feed about 3 million people per day. That is a lot.

Our friends at did some research and shed some light on many interesting facts about the place we love so much.

  1. It Was Originally A Mobile Endeavor - A history has it, the founder, Mr. William Rosenberg, used $1500 that he made selling War Bonds during World War II and then borrowed another $3500 from relatives in order to launch an idea he called "Industrial Luncheon Services." He used some of the money to purchase taxi cabs, which he converted into lunch wagons. During that time he realized that a good percentage of his business was coffee and donuts. And a star was born!
  2. Twas Not The Original Name - Rosenberg's first shop was opened in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1948, he called his new idea the "Open Kettle." In a search for a better name, his architect came up with the name 'Dunkin' Donuts', in 1950 and the rest is history.
  3. An Average Of 30 Cups Sold Every Second - That's a lot of hot and iced coffee! Seems crazy, but it's true. If you do the math, that turns out to be about 1.7 billion cups of coffee a year!
  4. They Are Why We Misspell 'Doughnut' - We all know what a doughnut is as it was depicted in by author Washington Irving in 1809. However, when Rosenberg decided to change his companies name to 'Dunkin' Donuts', he changed the spelling and now many people spell it according to Rosenberg, instead of the way Mr. Irving spelled it.
  5. People Have Exchanged Vows At 'Dunkin' Donuts' - Of all the crazy places people have exchanged marriage vows, who would have thunk one of those places would be their favorite donut place? Yes, about a handful, or more, couples have gotten married at the Temple of the Donut! In 2004, Dunkin' Donuts sponsored what they called, "Hole-y Matrimony Contest." The winners received all their wedding expenses paid for, plus powdered donuts as they exchanged vows in their favorite Dunkin' Donuts shop.

Where there you have it. Every great place as a great history. We hope you've enjoyed this bit of information as you eat your donut and wash it down with an iced coffee or other drink of your choice!