You sit down to eat with a friend of family member and watch in amazement as they reach for their fork and knife when it is so obvious to you that their meal was meant to be eaten with their hands. What's wrong with these people? 

Some are just neat freaks. Some just don't know any better. Either way, when they grab a knife and fork to eat these things, it's our duty to step up and say, "Hey! You're doing it wrong!'

1. Pizza


Oh it's too big for you? Too hot? Suck it up! Fold that bad boy in half or let it cool down. Eat it like it was meant to be. With your hand...both if necessary. If you make a mess by getting some sauce on your shirt, good! You're doing it right.

2. Hamburger


If you need to grab a knife to cut a big, thick hamburger in half, you can have a pass on that. Once you get that cut into two manageable pieces though, don't touch that knife again. Buns were made for grabbing. (Hamburger only.)

3. Corn on the Cob


Corn on the cob is designed by nature to be eaten with your hands. Butter that cob up, salt to taste, and typewriter your way around that thing. It doesn't matter if you go left to right, right to left or round and round, just don't ruin the experience by scrapping the corn off with a knife. I suppose you peel grapes too don't you?

4. Fried Chicken


It's called 'finger lickin' good' for a reason. A good fried drumstick is chicken with a handle. Dig into that bucket with your hand a grab some.

5. Whoopie Pie

Townsquare Media

We love our whoppie pies here in Maine, but they're deigned to be hand pies. Grab a fork and you run the risk of looking like a tourist. Mainers don't let Mainers use a fork.

What other foods should we add to the list that you've seen people eat with a knife and fork knowing it was wrong? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter.