Whether it's coffee, breakfast sandwiches or doughnuts, you probably have your favorite at Tim Horton's. But they're willing to go beyond the usual for you.

Here are 5 items that the good folks at Tim Horton's will make for you if you ask.

They'll gladly add Kettle Chips in any and all of your sandwiches. A nice crunchy touch to a dinner or lunch item.


The hashbrown can go in your breakfast sandwich, not just with it. You just need to make sure that your mouth is big enough to go over it.

No comment needed.

If you like chocolate and Chai Tea, just ask them to put a Chai Tea bag in your hot chocolate. Can you say, "Deeeeelish?"

What are some favorite specialty items you have had the great crew at Tim Horton's make for you? We're always looking for good ways to enjoy Timmy's. Share them with us in the comments section below.