Don't be surprised if you see clowns, goblins, and other creatures driving into work today. Today is Halloween and people will dress up for parties at work.

Not long ago, Good Housekeeping came up with 15 offensive costumes that people should never wear.

Here are our top 5 costumes that could bring offense to those we work with.

Blackface - Al Jolson may have gotten away with this in 1927 when he stared in the movie Jazz Singer, but this is a huge no-no today. This is very offensive to most people of all races.

Transphobic Costumes - Last year Walmart pulled its 'tranny granny' costume from its shelves as customers were complaining that it made fun of transgender women.

A Terrorist with a Backpack - There was a video going around on Facebook of people dressing up in attire that a terrorist might wear. The video would then show him walking up to people, throwing a backpack at them and then running away. Once the people saw the thrown backpack, they would run because they didn't realize that this was a joke. Not an appropriate costume, to say the least.

A National Tragedy - Really? Like the couple that dressed up like the flaming twin towers. Not funny and really a sensitive subject. Stay away from this kind of insensitive costume.

Mentally-Ill or Special Needs Person - Do we really even need to comment on this? It's so wrong on so many levels. Many people you know probably know someone or are related to someone who lives with a special need. Pick another costume, please.

If you dress up when you go to the office or your place of work today, have fun. But remember, it's about having fun, not taking that fun over the edge to where you might offend someone else.